General Announcement for PLC
Reference No: C05-17102019-00001
Stock Name : ECM
Date Announced : 17 Oct 2019
Category : Proposed Change of Company Name
Proposed company name : ECM LIBRA GROUP BERHAD

Remarks :
The Board of Directors of ECM Libra Financial Group Berhad ("Company") wishes to inform that the Company is proposing to change its name from "ECM LIBRA FINANCIAL GROUP BERHAD" to "ECM LIBRA GROUP BERHAD" ("Proposed Change of Name").

The use of the proposed name of ECM LIBRA GROUP BERHAD was approved and reserved by the Companies Commission of Malaysia ("CCM") on 16 October 2019 and the reservation for the use of the proposed new name is valid for a period of 30 days from 16 October 2019, subject to application for further extension.

The Proposed Change of Name is subject to the approval of the shareholders of the Company to be obtained at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be convened later. Details of the Proposed Change of Name will be issued to the shareholders in due course.

The Proposed Change of Name, if approved by the shareholders, will take effect from the date of issuance of the Notice of Registration of New Name by the CCM to the Company.

This announcement is made on 17 October 2019.

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