Changes in Director's Interest Pursuant to Section 219 of CA 2016
Reference No: CS4-17052018-00014
Stock Name : ECM
Date Announced : 17/05/2018
Descriptions (Class) : Ordinary shares
Details of changes
No Date of change No of securities Type of transaction Nature of interest
16/05/2018 21,779,413 Others Direct Interest
Name of registered holder Public Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd - Pledged Securities Account for
Lim Kian Onn (S14)
Description of "Others"
Type of Transaction
Consideration (if any) RM0.36
Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred : Allotment and issuance of new ordinary shares in ECM Libra Financial Group Berhad ("ECM") to Mr Lim Kian Onn pursuant to the corporate exercise undertaken by ECM. Kindly refer to "Remarks" as below for further details.
Nature of interest : Direct interest
Total no of securities after change
Direct (units) : 26,065,913
Direct (%) :
Indirect/deemed interest (units) : 130,387,186
Indirect/deemed interest (%) : 29.183
Date of notice : 17/05/2018
Date notice received by Listed Issuer : 17/05/2018
Remarks :

Further details on circumstances by reason of which change has occurred:

Allotment and issuance of new ordinary shares in ECM to Mr Lim Kian Onn consequent to the acquisition by ECM from TP Real Estate Holdings Pte Ltd ("TPRE") of 50% equity interest in TP Sepang Sdn Bhd, TP International Pty Ltd and Yummy Kitchen Sdn Bhd, and 40.005% equity interest in TP Hotel (Flinders) Trust (together with 40.005% of the rights and benefits to the total advances owing by TP Hotel (Flinders) Trust) for which the purchase consideration has been satisfied via the allotment and issuance of 160,205,555 new ordinary shares in ECM ("Consideration Shares") to the shareholders of Tune Hotels.Com Limited ("THCL") who include Mr Lim Kian Onn, under the plan of arrangement undertaken by THCL with its shareholders pursuant to Section 118 of the Labuan Companies Act. THCL is a shareholder of TPRE. The plan of arrangement involved principally, (i) the reduction in the share capital of THCL through the distribution in specie of the redeemable preference shares of TPRE held by THCL to the shareholders of THCL in proportion to their respective shareholdings in THCL; and (ii) the redemption of such redeemable preference shares by TPRE from the shareholders of THCL using the Consideration Shares in proportion to their respective shareholdings in THCL.

This announcement is dated 17 May 2018.

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