Notice of Shares Buy Back - Immediate Announcement
Reference No: EL-081024-55530
Company Name : ECM Libra Financial Group Berhad
(formerly known as ECM Libra Avenue Berhad)
Stock Name : ECM
Date Announced : 24/10/2008
Date of buy back : 24/10/2008
Description of shares purchased : Ordinary shares of RM1.00 each
Total number of shares purchased (units) : 10,000
Minimum price paid for each share purchased (RM) : 0.370
Maximum price paid for each share purchased (RM) : 0.375
Total consideration paid (RM) : 3,792.13
Number of shares purchased retained in treasury (units) : 10,000
Number of shares purchased which are proposed to be cancelled (units) : 0
Cumulative net outstanding treasury shares as at to-date (units) : 10,083,300
Adjusted issued capital after cancellation (no. of shares) (units) :
Remarks :
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