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August 2002 - We started as a boutique financial services group, with 10 professionals, dedicated to serving our clients and partners achieve their goals of financial success.

March 2004 - ECM Libra was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.The same year, the three founding partners funded the ECM Libra Foundation to provide underprivileged and deserving Malaysians financial assistance for higher education, regardless of race, religion or creed. While remaining as one of the largest individually funded foundations in the country, it has helped thousands of Malaysians and schools in pursuing their goals of a better education.

June 2006 - ECM Libra Avenue was formed by the merger of ECM Libra and Avenue Capital Resources. The holding company name has seen further changes and today, it is known as ECM Libra Financial Group.

February 2008 - We proudly announced the launch of ECM Libra Investment Bank, marking another milestone in our journey. With 600 staff throughout Malaysia and group shareholders' funds of RM1.0 billion, we will continue to provide enhanced services, putting our clients first and proffering personalized, professional and customized service.

July 2012 - ECM Libra Financial Group obtained shareholders approval at its EGM on 31 July 2012, for the disposal of the entire equity interest in ECM Libra Investment Bank Bhd.

Dec 2012 - The merger transaction was completed. As the banking chapter for ECM Libra has drawn to a close, new businesses will be built with Libra Invest as a platform. Libra Invest Bhd, a member of the ECM Libra Group currently manages a range of unit trust funds, customised portfolio, as well as private mandates for High Net Worth individuals, corporations, and institutional funds.

Dec 2017 - ECM Libra Financial Group obtained shareholders approval at its EGM on 12 December 2017, for the acquisitions of hotel businesses and assets from Tune Hotels group. The Group has thus diversified its principal activities included the business of hotel ownership and management.

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